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FCF Pastors & Partners ,

It says of the Church in Acts 4:32-37 that great grace was upon them all. They experienced a spontaneous with no pressure applied outgrowth of both giving and receiving.

I can say of Family Church Conference 2013, “Great grace was and is upon you all.” What you value and it’s worth was expressed by your giving. You expressed the worth of the Word, the worth of God’s messenger and it was received by God as worship.

Pastor’s & partners, your spontaneous giving was an act of deep thankfulness and the "oneness" of family.

We are so blessed by your maturity and spiritual insight.

Matthew 10:8 tells us that freely we have received so we can freely give and you exemplify this in a great way.

Over and above the conference we received $2000.00 to support our missions project in India. 

Jesus has, is and will continue to reward you openly,

Pastors Bill & Duska Annis President, FCF Canada

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