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Ptr Bill & Duska.



This nation and its people has been the passion of our lives. For over 40 years Duska and I have ministered from NL to BC. We firmly believe its harvest time. The "God called" men and women are the harvesters. It`s our desire to assist you and together reap the Canadian harvest. FCF Canada allows us to join together as a family and fulfill the calling upon our lives. Together we can see Faith arise and have dominion from sea to sea (Zec.9:10).

God gave our founders, Buddy and Pat Harrison a vision to reach the world. We are part of that vision.

It is the goal of FCF Canada to provide ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with fellowship, information, inspiration and relationships.

We desire to provide each minister with a sense of belonging and relationship through:

  • Covering – A spiritual covering and Apostolic Anointing.

  • Appreciation – Providing a fellowship in which you are loved and accepted as you are.

  • Understanding – Providing relationships in which people are quick to listen and slow to speak.

  • Friendship – Extending a helping hand and a warm loving friendship, to help you aim and stay on course.

  • Purpose – Helping you fulfill the vision and call God has given.

  • Spiritual Growth – Providing anointed teaching, helpful services and relevant materials.

I thank God for the call and anointing on your life. My desire is that we would know the New Covenant and in the Spirit of Faith move from law to grace without mixture. Together let's deliver the good news to everyone that listens.

We are Spirit-filled leaders that are fully committed to the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Come Join Us! We Will Help You Get To Where You Want To Go!

Bill & Duska Annis, President

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