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The Continuing Education Plan (CEP) provides resources for the continuing education of the clergy and those in the Helps Ministry. There are three things every minister must know well:

  1. Who Jesus really is. This was the question Jesus asked in Matthew 16, "Who do you say that I am."

  2. What Jesus did for mankind.

  3. Who the believer is in Christ.

At FCF we thank God for the call and anointing on your life. My desire is that we would know the New Covenant and move from law to grace without mixture. Together, let's deliver the good news to everyone who listens.

Pastor Bill Annis



Those who are making application to hold credentials with FCF and those members who are seeking next level credentials.


CEP is a home study program. There are 5 courses at the present time as part of the Continuing Education Plan:

  1. The Power of Blessing

  2. From Faith to Faith

  3. New Creation Realities

  4. The Believers Authority

  5. From The Cross To The Throne 

Upon acceptance into the CEP you will receive one course at a time. With each course you will receive a text book, your assignments and also any instructions that you will need.

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