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We are an organization, of churches and ministries, called of God, that is a family within the family of God. We recognize the call of God on each ministry and its partners. Our purpose is to be a helping hand, to advise, support, encourage and strengthen one another through relationship and fellowship.

FCF has many quality ministers and ministries in 47 nations of the world. You can be involved with anyone of them. Let us help you to connect with your mission assignment.


FCF Canada is here for you, so you can be there for others.


What can a church or evangelistic ministry expect from a connection to FCF Canada?

  • Covering (Fatherhood) – A spiritual covering and Apostolic Anointing

  • Belonging (Credentials) – Providing a fellowship in which you are loved and accepted as you are

  • Understanding – Providing relationships in which people are quick to listen and slow to speak

  • Friendship (Relationship) – Extending a helping hand and a warm loving friendship, to help you aim and stay on course

  • Purpose – Helping you fulfill the vision and call God has given

  • Spiritual Growth – Providing anointed teaching, helpful services and relevant materials

  • Provincial Relational Gatherings

  • National Family Church Conference

  • An avenue for networking with other churches and ministries, both nationally and internationally

  • Continuing Education Program for clergy (CEP)

  • Coaching seminars on CRA guidelines (Updated information on legal and financial matters pertaining to nonprofit corporations)

  • Strategic planning for the local church and/or ministry

  • Ministry Incorporations

  • Provincial Marriage Registrations

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