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Dearest Pastor Bill & Pastor Duska,

Trust this finds you both keeping well by the blessed mercies of our Lord and Saviour Jesus, and rejoicing in His faithfulness, love and grace... 

As this year comes to an end, and as we look back at the year gone by, we wish to thank a few people who have been a great strength, testimony, encouragement and a blessing to us as we continue to press on in this pilgrim journey. It is with hearts filled with much love and gratitude that Dileepa, myself and the entire church sends you this greeting of thanks and appreciation to salute you both for all that you have been to us and have done for us throughout the year past. Though we are miles apart and though time and distance separates us, we rejoice because we are one in Spirit and our hearts are knit together in the bonds of love of our Saviour Jesus Christ. 

Today we are blessed because you chose to give of yourselves and of all that the Lord has blessed you and FCF as a body of Christ. We thank God for is hand of blessing upon your lives that has sustained you both thus far and kept you anchored on the bedrock of faith in Christ and standing firm in the assurance of His calling in your lives. We are greatly encouraged and pray that the Lord will continue to sustain you both and bless you in every endeavor of your lives given out to Christ. Pray that He will bless you with greater wisdom and stature of the Lord, His counsel and might, and the presence of His Holy Spirit to lead and guide you, and to make you the faithful witnesses you ought to be for Christ name. 

We love you both very much, and are encouraged to see your journey as husband and wife serving the Lord and yet making the best of every moment possible to enjoy the gift of love and holy matrimony that God has blessed you with. One thing that I remember Pastor Bill sharing was that one of his most treasured moments of life is when he sits with you, Pastor Duska, and sip your morning tea and discuss what the Lord has been ministering to you individually. That I think is one of the most beautiful things that any married couple could share... but the greater beauty in that is, the fact that God is present in your lives and in your bond of love. 

Please convey our love and appreciation to the FCF family and tell them that we honour them and bless them for their commitment to love and support us for all these years. Our prayer is that God will take each one of you to greater heights in knowing Him and living for His glory. 

The team sends their love to you both. 

Wishing you all of God's richest and choicest blessings for a joyous holiday season and a blessed new year...

​With much love, prayers and blessings, Sherine & Dileepa


Dear Pastor Bill,

Thank you very much for your message of blessing and encouragement. I am sorry for not  writing to you regularly, but i know your are aware of what is happening in Sri Lanka through our newsletters. I am very thankful for what FCF does to make HIM known, and it is a privilege to be part of FCF, and the larger community of Jesus Christ.

I pray that God would expand your territory this year, and may many be blessed as you share the truth of God's Word. I had the opportunity the past year to translate and explain some of the lessons on 'The Real Faith' series to our pastors in the outstations, and they were greatly blessed. 

Minosha sends her love, and we have fond memories of your time here last year. Please convey our love to Pastor Duska, i do hope she will be able to join you on your next visit to Sri Lanka.

​Prashan De Mel

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