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On the first day of the resurrection Jesus set a precedent for us on how we need to see as we walk the road of life.

On the road to Emmaus, as the disciples were walking along with Him, they were saddened and downcast because they were reliving the past few days. Jesus catches up with them and asks why they are sad. They answer, “you can't be from here if you don't know.” He said to them, "Oh foolish ones, slow of heart to believe." Jesus was walking with them!

Jesus wants us to see Him. When you read the word, see Him. The more you see Him, the more you become like Him. See Him everywhere. See Him in you, see yourself in Him.

When you see Him, you too will say, "our heart burns with passion.” as we talk with Him along life's way.

Have a Blessed Easter!

Duska Annis Vice President, FCF Canada

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