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Several years ago, God gave us a vision to visit, mentor and encourage Pastors to fulfill their calling. While reaching forward toward this season people would often misunderstand and ask, "Why do you favor pastors?" I would often chuckle with the response, “…because they are people." When pastors became our primary ministry focus new life entered & we experienced more joy than you could imagine. Our greatest desire is to bring awareness to how significant you are and to be there for you helping you fulfill your calling. I like reading where Paul spoke to Timothy concerning these matters. 2 Timothy 1:15, “As you know, all the Christians who came here have deserted me; even Phygellus and Hermogenes  are gone but may the Lord bless Onesiphorus and all his family, because: 1.    He visited me. 2.    He encouraged me often. 3.    His visits revived me like a breath of fresh air. 4.    He was never ashamed of my being in jail.  TLB (Amp) We desire to be that encouraging person in your life; a life giving person to you and your ministry. I encourage you to pull your energy out of all the unnecessary things, focus on a measurable win, place your energy into that purpose and look straight at Jesus. Paul referred to Onesiphorus as this person in his life who offered him this ministry of helps and how meaningful it was to him. I heard a story from a pastor who met an elderly lady at the door as she was leaving she commented, "I found something I don't like about this church," as he paused to hear her complaint he heard these words, "I don't like it that I have to wait six more days before I can come back." She proceeded to tell him I went to church my entire life but when I come here It's a breath of fresh air, I can breathe, I can breathe again.” We often refer to that as the culture of the church but Jesus referenced, "such is the kingdom of God.” Where Jesus is revealed people are drawn and enriched. Where Jesus is revealed there is love, life, excitement, peace, rest, faith happens and people are drawn to the fresh air. We are truly grateful for your partnership in this ministry to this great nation. We see your giving as love's expression. Thank you for your support which allows our travel and also for those who are contributing to the development of the home base of FCF in Moncton. We appreciate you. It ministers deeply to us and may the Lord of the harvest give you a special blessing. One of the joys of my life after fulfilling each mandate is coming home , when we walk into church sometimes weary, sometimes lonely, sometimes just needing revived, it is always a breath of fresh air. I can breathe! Duska Annis, Vise President, FCF Canada

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