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‘Time flies’ has become more than just a saying. I can hardly imagine that 2014 has come and gone, but it has. I can truly say that it was one of the best years ever, personally and for FCF as well. I have had the opportunity to visit many of you and have been blessed by the impact of your ministries in Canada and around the world. Together we have accomplished great things. On the National level we have seen a large increase in our membership. New Churches have been planted in Montreal, Quebec, and Ft McMurray, Alberta. In New Brunswick, it was a joy to receive my personal friend, Pastor Terry Messer, from life Tabernacle, Fredericton, to FCF. Pastor Dale and June Shaw from Florenceville were also an added blessing to the local FCF family. On the international scene, ten Churches have been constructed in Northern India. Evangelist Prem Singh reports many converts among the Hindus. Sherine and Dileepa report that the work of the Holy Spirit among the Buddhists of Sri Lanka is reaching an all-°©‐time high. Faith Christian Fellowship is a wonderful group of people brought together in a very unique manner. We come from classical Pentecostal, Word of Faith, and Charismatic backgrounds. We have been shaped by various moves of the Holy Spirit and reflect a panorama of the rich blessings of God and His Story (history), the story of His Church in Canada. To visit the ministers that make up our fellowship is to walk upon the road of unfolding revelation. It’s a journey with an ever moving God who is making Himself known in ever increasing ways, but yet stays true to His unchangeableness. This ability to receive what He is revealing, and to accept each other wherever we are at the moment in the progression, sets us apart. It sets us apart from the religious systems that we all escaped. It’s what makes us a fellowship versus a denomination. It’s what allows us to be Spirit-°©‐led rather than religiously conformed. This uniqueness is what allows the story to continue rather than be confined to a historical past. It keeps us in the flow of the Holy Spirit rather than worshiping at the shrine of the high water marks of a spiritual yesterday. As I travel among you I have come to appreciate our differences and to celebrate our connecting points. My desire for 2015 is that we will stay strong where we are joined and not allow our differences to divide. Matt 13:47 “The kingdom of heaven is like unto a net, that was cast into the sea.” A net is made up of string or twine running in four directions. The strings left alone are useless as a fishing instrument. In order to be of value, they must connect with each other and these connecting points give them value. God allows us to have differences but He connects us for effectiveness in His service. I personally have a marvellous life, as do you. I am amazed where I have been, what I get to do, the people I know, the things I have seen, and the joys I have experienced. As I reflect on it, I am very much aware that it’s the connections God blessed me with, YOU, that makes this life and ministry possible. All of us are connecting at different points, each adding value to the other. FCF has become a net cast into the sea of changing Canadian culture. Together we have become fishers of mankind. Collectively we are reaching Canada and the World. This is the DNA of FCF! From many we have become one body with Christ-°©‐like uniqueness. We are living in the moment of the greatest revelation of Jesus the world has ever seen. Great revelation always precedes great manifestation! John 14:21 “…. he who loves me will be loved by my Father and I will love him and manifest Myself to him.” The word manifest means to cause to shine, come to view, reveal, exhibit, and make visible. My prayer for all of us is that when we are viewed by those who come among us in the future, they will see the revelation and manifestation of Jesus among us. May we truly be the continuing story of God among His people in this Nation and around the World. Next month we will continue with the attitude of God toward those at varying levels of revelation. Don’t miss it!

-Pastor Bill Annis

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