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The Real Faith

Course Description:
The Real Faith is the manifestation or evidence of redemption. If we believe in Jesus Christ, we are entitled to be blessed by God. We are supposed to be healed, prosperous, have a good life. It is unjust for us to struggle for Faith. The Real Faith implies that we deserve the best because of the redemption Jesus has provided for us.

Text Book: 

From Faith To Faith, Bill Annis

Instructor’s Biography:
The Nation of Canada and its people has been the passion Bill’s life. For over 30 years along with his wife Duska they have ministered from Newfoundland to British Columbia. Bill firmly believes its harvest time. The "God called" men and women are the harvesters. It`s Bill’s desire to assist you and together reap the Canadian harvest. FCF Canada allows us to join together as a family and fulfill the calling upon our lives. Together we can see Faith arise and have dominion from sea to sea (Zec.9:10).

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